It’s really ok

It’s really okay to:

– sing out of tune

– wait to marry the love of your life

– move out of home

– speak exactly what you are thinking and not feel bad about it

– cry

– throw a tantrum

– make love all day

– be scared

– walk away if it doesnt feel right

– give it a shot

– give the cute guy your number

– not want to marry or have kids or do everything everyone else is doing

– be mad at yourself

– make the same mistake twice

– be completely clueless about where your life is going

– believe or not believe in God. But believing in something bigger and mightier than you always helps.

– want to give away money to a cause only you believe in. Hell its your money.

– not listen

– run away. But find yourself where you go.

– love till your heart hurts




~ by theinitiatedwoman on August 31, 2012.

One Response to “It’s really ok”

  1. Amen! Love it! I probably made the same mistake 5 times 🙂
    And I have no clue where life is headed…

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