To me at 21

Love the time you spend with your parents. You will miss them every day when you move out of home.

Move out of home. Its an experience like no other.

Live alone, room with someone (preferably from the same sex) – its cool to be open minded about having a guy for a flatmate. but its NOT convenient.

Dont be afraid to struggle, its okay to be broke, its okay to be able to only window shop. money is like a guy, when you stop running after it, it magically appears out of nowhere.

Eat ! And enjoy every bite.

Treat your women friends well. They may be much more competitive, much more moody and much more work. But they are your strength as you grow older.

The person you are in love with right now may not be the person you love ten years later. Thats really okay.

Find something you are passionate about aside from your work. And if you can create something that pays the bills you will be happy, independent and answerable only to yourself.

Help others. In anyway you can.

Theres a difference between being IN LOVE and loving someone. Recognize it. And if you can, wait to be IN LOVE.

Lastly, it only gets better. So look forward to growing older.




~ by theinitiatedwoman on August 22, 2012.

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