Back to the drawing board

Im 27 and have been a corporate slave (I used to think differently until recently) since I was 19. Ive actually been the youngest in every team I have worked with since 2005 till today. I used to think that was cool…but Im beginning to wonder where are the youngsters at ?

While I slog away at my desk and auction my soul at client meetings and performance reviews I realized that the gaping hole in my soul isn’t from my want of a fat paycheck. its from the fact that I am supposed to be doing something else with my life. I have actually moved from trainee – executive – asst. manager – manager and that hasn’t changed anything. I used to think people respected designations but people dont care. and my real problem was that Ive worried about ‘people’ too long.

every day there is this gnawing in me saying ‘do something different’ ‘go out on your own’ ‘be your own boss’ ‘start something new’ and Ive been ignoring the signs way too long.

so what am i waiting for ?


~ by theinitiatedwoman on August 22, 2012.

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